Make T-shirts your conversation starters during this pandemic

Make T-shirts your conversation starters during this pandemic


One day during I was waiting outside a book store having a sandwich when a girl behind me said “I’d love to discuss nerdy stuff if you are up for it.”  When I turned out she was pointing at my shirt and that made me say wow. Stunned to be talked to I asked her about her favorite book and it turned out that we liked the same author. It was the best conversation that I’d had with a stranger in years and that too because of my conversational t-shirt.  

Another day I was walking around in my gym t-shirt and three more strangers stopped and asked me about the gym class I’m going to and that is when I had my realization about how good it feels to make friends randomly while you are out on a run or heading towards the gym so I drew up a conclusion that during this pandemic when all of our faces are covered with masks the best way to strike up a conversation with strangers and make new friends from a safe distance is via graphic or conversational t-shirts.




How a simple piece of clothing can clearly communicate a message to people standing 6 feet away (remember to be safe and social distance!) stuns me. What kind of vibe and message you are going for totally depends on your mood for instance my chat for real t-shirts when I’m out for a run with my headphones on. The message facilitated by the shirt tends to circle topics that revolve around music but another t-shirt related to a different topic will strike entirely different connections with strangers.  

So it is time to rifle through the internet and start adding conversational t-shirts to your cart that you can wear during the pandemic. Consider the conversations you’d like to have while wearing the shirt.

Or simply get a design for yourself in your home gym mirror. You gotta be your own best friend at times too right?