Ideas List

Ideas List

Ideas List


Blog ideas:


Conversation with a stranger


You, Me & a Tshirt


Wear what you believe


A shirt which can bring a change


FR - For real apparel is back!


Mirrored shirts are the future


Let's chat with FR


Loneliness in populated cities (can be combined into your Conversation with a Stranger)


Personality vs wardrobe (can be combined into your wear what you believe)


Isolated due to Covid, feels worse due to masks, but what if design can help. Sometimes a laugh with a stranger, socially distanced, can brighten your dim isolated life (combine with shirt which can bring a change)


Best mask styles


Honestly, this blog entry is full of SEO keywords. ( a joke blog entry which just has lines of SEO keywords, and at the bottom of the entry is something like

“Yep. That’s it.

Ok fine, have a reward for getting through that entry.

<secret discount code>”