How to Style Conversational T-Shirts to Wear On a first Date

How to Style Conversational T-Shirts to Wear On a first Date

Date nights are exciting but there is a lot to think about. What are you going to talk about? Which café or restaurant are you going to go to? But the most important of all is… what are you going to wear? This blog will help you with how you can style your simple conversational t-shirts differently.

A simple t-shirt is one of the easiest pieces to style in your wardrobe. It will go with some nice trousers and sneakers for a day time look or a pair of jeans with pencil heels for a night time look.

 There are plenty of ways to mix and match your outfit that will leave your date awestruck. Here’s our practical guide on what to wear on a first date for both men and women.



With chinos                                                         


Wear your conversational t-shirts with chinos, they are great for any situation because they go with anything and everything. It’s hard to make chinos look bad.


With button downs

For a relaxed yet refined look throw on a button down over your t-shirt. If the weather is slightly chilly you can button up the shirt and leave one button undone to look more casual.


With a blazer

This combination never goes out of style. Wear your conversational t-shirt under a long blazer and shorts underneath to show off those summer legs. For a cold date night wear knee length boots for a put together yet a laid back vibe


With pencil pants

Pencil pants aren’t just associated with blazers; they look super stunning with t-shirts as well. Pair them up with closed shoes to complete the look.


With a denim jacket

Elevate your everyday favorite shirt with a denim jacket. For a more chic look wear a pleated maxi skirt underneath.


With a Harrington

 If you are going for a night time intimate dinner you will want an outfit that is super refined. Wear a Harrington jacket with your conversational t-shirt to add depth to your outfit.