How to level up your tshirt and jeans

How to level up your tshirt and jeans

There is no better feeling than slipping into your favorite pants and t-shirt because they can never do you wrong. The entire combination is easy to assemble and looks great.

Now the question is how you can take this long time fashion favorite a few levels up and make it more fashionable? Well it’s easy peasy with a little bit of tweaking here and there.

Let me break it down for you.


Layering is important

The quickest way to take your jeans and t-shirt to the next level is by adding a third layer. An extra layer will add texture to your outfit that will instantly upgrade your style.  Throwing on a button down, a cardigan or a blazer can add versatility to the entire look.


Keep the balance in mind.

Mom jeans, dad jeans or straight legged pants can look fabulous if paired with a fitted conversational tee like this one. When it comes to good styling ‘balance’ is something everyone should consider. A baggy jeans with a fitted top creates the perfect sense of balance and looks smart at the same time.



Everything is right there in the details


When you want to put on your tee and jeans ask yourself “what is my style? What fits my persona?” Do I want to go all plain today or do I want to add a graphic t-shirt for some extra detail? A ripped jeans or a high waist jeans? Will a headband look better on me or a clip that has pearls on it? A statement necklace or no necklace at all? How about a handbag and some red hot heels? Paying attention to these tiny details can make a whole lot of difference.


Pairing is your best friend

Wear your favorite t-shirt with your favorite sneakers and add a shearling coat on top to give this classic ensemble a forward twist.



If you are on a lookout for some of my favorite t-shirts and jeans have a look at the links below: